05 August 2005

pasta with leeks and lobster tails

lobster tails
pasta, preferably smaller pasta like gemelli, orrechiette
dry white wine, maybe a sauvignon blanc
fresh tomatoes, chopped
tarragon, marjoram
leeks, white part, cut into 1/4" inch rounds, soaked and rinsed and soaked to remove sand
shallots, finely chopped
olive oil/butter
kosher salt
white pepper, red pepper

Boil the lobster tails until done, let cool, remove from shell. Cut into bite sized chunks. Cook pasta to preferred doneness, drain.

While cooking pasta, saute leeks in olive oil/butter, adding garlic, shallots, and a splash of wine as the leeks soften (garlic may burn if you add it too early). Add more wine as the pan gets dry. When leeks are almost done, the tomatoes, herbs, salt and pepper to taste. Cook for a couple minutes, then add the lobster just until heated through. Turn off heat, adjust seasoning, and toss with pasta.

Serve immediately in shallow bowls.

Seasoning notes: Do not add parmesan or other cheese, as it will obscure the more delicate flavor of the lobster and leeks. This turns out fairly sweet from the lobster meat and the cooked leeks, so I like a little white pepper for contrast. Red pepper flakes might work too, but that could wind up too strong. The amount of wine you add dictates how liquid the non-pasta mixture winds up. It never turns into a sauce, but I like to use enough wine that every piece of pasta picks up the wine-leek-lobster-herb flavor.

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